Thursday, October 1, 2009

Philadelphia vs. Vancouver
Champion: Philadelphia

Columbus vs. Vancouver

Boston vs. Philadelphia

Alexander Ovechkin - ya ya ya... safe pick, but I'm just being logical. He's simply the most dominant player in the league game in and game out and the MVP tends to go to the offensive leader and the guy who'll top that list (not to mention have 72 goals) will easily be raising the

1. St. Louis Blues - This year's Chicago. Two solid goaltenders, one of the most talented groups of youngsters meshing with veterans such as Kariya and Tkachuk, not to mention Erik Johnson stayed away from golf carts this summer - I'm no rocket scientist but this is how you go from cellar dweller to a deep playoff run.
2. Detroit Red Wings - This could go under either. They're going to flat out fail this year. It's not really their fault - they're just always given ridiculous expectations that they'll finally not live up to this year. They'll make the playoffs, albeit they'll be wearing white for their first playoff game.
3. Tampa Bay Lightning & Colorado Avalanche - Playoffs?! Yay!! Whodthunkit?!
4. New York Rangers - I'm going with my boys and I'm swapping places with the Montreal Canadiens on the playoff tree for most everyone's predictions. They are going to make it - to the Conference Finals, after finally beating Pittsburgh!
5. Marian Gaborik - Not really a surprise on the scoresheet, but for his missing name on the Injured Reserve list. Notoriously injury prone, Gabby is an offensive savant on a team in dire need of glowing red lights. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a 45 goal, 90 point season.

1. NHL - It may be years away but why in the world would you tell a player he cannot represent his country? You're going to sit there and tell that you won't let the players that saved your beloved Penguins and Capitals (for example) not don their nation's sweaters? Amidst all the bad publicity already surrounding the league this year with the Coyotes, the NHLPA scandal, etc etc, you're going to pull this stunt? Sigh... I applaud Ovechkin and Malkin and I really hope this is resolved soon.
2. Dany "Drama Queen" Heatley - You're lucky you aren't wearing black and white. Get over yourself and realize you're one of the luckiest people on this planet, and that you play in the NHL, not the NBA. We don't cry over the fact that our ass hurts from sitting too much. You've got all-world skill, but the testicles of a newborn. The KHL is calling and I pray you answer!
3. San Jose Sharks - After the Heatley blockbuster, hopes are so high on San Jose. Trouble is though, that they traded away one of their best puck-moving rearguards for cap space in hopes that second year pro Jason Demers and Derek Joslin can get the job done. Adding a proven sniper is a big plus, but with zero leadership, yet another playoff disappointment is just 6 months away.
4. Montreal Canadiens - Enough already about how good the Habs are! They aren't! They added miniature point producers, and a monster d-man. Price will be challenged by Halak for playing time and will probably be forced to give the crowd a sarcastic wave after each save he manages to make this season.
5. Nassau County and the Phoenix catasrophes - First, Isles owner Wang actually wants to keep the team on the Island, but is getting zero support for his efforts. He's looking at the big picture, the betterment of the entire surrounding community with his Lighthouse Project, yet is still being led astray by the local government. Sad situation. Speaking of sad, Jim Balsillie is still on his knees begging to own a team. Mr. Balsillie, go buy a team in a different league because you clearly aren't wanted here. Are the Tiger-Cats for sale? I'd love to see the Jets franchise return to Winnipeg, but get over it people, it's not happening while Bettman rules!

1. Matt Duchene - Super skater, fantastic hands, and will have plenty of opportunity to prove himself in Colorado. It won't take him long to quiet the critics with his superb two-way savvy. Mr. Tavares should take note.
2. Nikita Filatov - 4 goals in an 8 game NHL stint in 08-09 was quite impressive on a surprising Jackets squad. He'll provide plenty of offensive flair for a goal-poor team.
3. John Tavares - He's clearly a talented kid, but he's not capable of carrying such a heavy weight on his shoulders just yet, as in the franchise tag on the Island.
4. Victor Hedman - Goliath has wings? Hedman's simply a jack of all trades. His name will surely be in all of the Calder talk this season.
5. Michael Del Zotto - The best rookie offensive defenseman the Blueshirts have had since 1989 will prove he belongs in the league. A Calder hopeful but not all that legitimately.


mitchell said...

Maybe I'm biased as a Rangers fan, but I don't think there's any way the Flyers of all teams will make it past the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs. There's too many other good teams in the NHL, and frankly, Ray Emery isn't all that. I don't hate the Flyers, but Ray Emery is NOT a playoff goalie...YET. He had one good run as a Senator, but again...that's only a single year. I like Ray Emery as a Philly, because of his persona as a toughguy, but he is somewhat average as an actual goalie. I'd pick the Pens, or the Caps, and ESPECIALLY the Bruins over the Flyers anyday.

Other than that, I really liked your disappointment feature. Totally agree with the #1 disappointment, ridiculous! And Duchene's a great choice for Calder!


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