Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NOTE: I realize with each new season brings new changes. It has been brought to my attention that several of the music files for certain teams are out of date. If you attend games for any of the teams in NHL10 and notice that our files don't match up, please feel free to leave us a comment here with the song name and the artist, or if you have a link to a video we can use as reference, please feel free to leave that.


Below are links to zipped audio files that you can download and input into your game's custom soudntrack. After downloading to your computer, simply put the files onto a USB device or burn to a CD and then save them to your console's hard drive.

These folders include NHL/AHL team-specific intro songs, goal horns, penalty songs, victory songs, and also some other random hockey related audio.


*We do not claim to own these files - each individual team owns their rights, we are just using them for a better NHL 10 in-game experience.


Anonymous said...

The best way to get these onto an xbox360(IMO) is to burn the audio files to a cdrw. That way you can erase the files from the cd before you go to add more. It does take a while (ripping and labeling each track),unless someone has a better way to do it for the xbox360.

dj_yaz said...

if u have media extender or wmp server set up for music sharing dl this file and unzip the whole nhl folder in to ur shared music folder. Playlists are already created for single songs as well as groups like between play and tv themes
most songs dled from this site,Some i threw in for my own use and didnt wanna remove them before upping the zip (ie offtime folder)

tdomshy said...

Why is the music so distorted? ex. the bass!

bodamislegend said...

I burned these onto a disc and only a select few songs will rip to my box.

What's the deal? Can anyone help?

Are these files copy protected or something? I really wanna get these on my game.

William said...

I cannot seem to be able to burn all of them either..most wont burn..that really sucks.

Habs27 said...

this year, the Habs has come back with vertigo after a goal!! I don't understand why but they did !


with help from cody bown?