Sunday, September 14, 2008

When NHL 09 launched one thing wasn't right about the game. The rosters. EA had a hard time keeping an accurate roster file available for download, offering it up on two occasions, Opening day and the Trade Deadline. For avid gamers, this is not enough to keep fans happy. With the amount of leagues increasing in NHL 09, only the NHL and AHL were updated, often causing frustration when attempting to have accurate rosters as the European leagues would be out of date. This issue was addressed when two people attempted to create an accurate roster when EA couldn't. PetrPuck worked on Gamespot's NHL 09 message board, creating everybody who was missing in the NHL and AHL. skrody had his own website, mostly specializing in prospects and AHL players. When someone was ripping off skrody's site and claiming it as their own, he shut the website down. Looking for a new place to post his CAP's (Create-A-Player's) he headed to Gamespot's NHL 09 message board and saw that there was somebody already working on the same thing. skrody added PetrPuck on ichat/AIM and they discussed their CAP's realizing that they had almost identical CAP's. With the amount of work that the two were doing for the NHL community, they decided to start a website where they could post their CAP's and it be viewed by anyone who was looking for an accurate NHL roster, thus was born. Along with player CAP's, they also introduced Roster Movements for every league in the game, giving gamers a complete and accurate roster for everyone to enjoy. To go one step further the website offered up Goalie equipment edits to once again make an accurate game that EA could not.

This season with NHL 10, PetrPuck and skrody are looking to take the website to the next level offering a wide variety of new features, as well as some revamped old ones, to accommodate a new game, giving you once again, the most accurate NHL game available.

Individual Bio's


PetrPuck was born in far upstate New York (Ogdensburg to be exact) and has lived his entire life a stone's throw from Hockey Heaven, Canada. Growing up playing hockey, he became more than just a fan - he became engulfed by all aspects of the sport. He first started loving hockey when he watched the 1994 Stanley Cup Conference Finals when his best friend's New Jersey Devils faced the New York Rangers - being the jerk he was, he rooted for the Rangers to upset his friend, and has since fallen in love with the Broadway Blueshirts. Knowing that hockey was his life's passion, not just his hobby, he graduated college with a BS in Sport Management and a minor in Computer Applications, doing a 6 month internship with the Philadelphia Flyers to end his collegiate days. While in school, he found that there was a real lack of support for EA Sports' NHL series and thus he went to the gaming boards asking how he could be of service. With his knowledge of the sport and his desire to learn about all those that play the game professionally, he began to be known as a CAP savior amongst the NHL gaming boards where he shared his work with anyone who was interested in it. Now on his fourth consecutive season of roster updating, he has far upped his game from simply making general CAPs, but is now also working on updating rosters for all seven (7) other leagues in NHL 10, salary information, goaltender equipment edits, player and goaltender attribute editing, among several other NHL 10 projects. Also, he is a new North American contributor to Elite Prospects, a Swedish based hockey statistical website. Add him as a friend on XBox Live and challenge him to a game!


skrody was born and raised in Northern Alberta but now lives in beautiful Vancouver, and has been an avid gamer since he was 8 years old. skrody is a huge Vancouver Canucks fan but when skrody isn't associated with hockey he is a an aspiring filmmaker, constantly writing scripts and soon to be going into production on his first short film. He has been playing Hockey video games since NHLPA Hockey '93 on the SNES. Ever since EA's NHL franchise has been around, skrody has been playing it. skrody has been editing rosters ever since NHL 99 when he noticed that some players were on Vancouver when they shouldn't have been, and vice versa. Back when the internet wasn't as informative as it is today, he used 'The Hockey News' magazines,
sports highlites and live hockey games as his references and kept an accurate roster ever since. skrody still likes to use live hockey games as a scouting tool as he goes to a handful of games and preseason games each year in Vancouver. This isn't all fun for skrody as he rarely plays the game within the first week of its release as he is spending time working on the rosters before getting to play a game. His main focus this season will be on the upcoming 2010 Entry Draft, along with Be a GM profiles, Create-A-Team classic jersey templates, and prospect scouting. You can find skrody on a few gaming message boards including,, and



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