Friday, August 21, 2009

As many of you know by now, the Iowa Chops AHL franchise was involuntarily suspended by the AHL for the 2009-2010 season. Thus, the Anaheim Ducks have no primary affiliate, but they will be putting the majority of their prospects on the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL. In NHL 10, the Portland Pirates have been designated as Anaheim's AHL affiliate for whatever reason. Below is a list of the Anaheim Ducks prospects and which AHL team they are playing for in the real 200-2010 season. After that list, is another list, stating where I put the prospects in the game. Assigning the players to the random, non-Portland AHL franchises in the game will make them Free Agents during your dynasties and you will have no control over them, nor be able to recall them, which is why I provided my means of fitting them in the game. All Ducks CAPs will be lited under the "Anaheim Ducks" page, including those playing in the AHL.

D Stu Bickel, San Antonio (AHL)
LW Bobby Bolt, Muskegon (IHL)
D John de Gray, Rochester (AHL)
LW Ryan Donally, Bakersfield (ECHL)
D Brennan Evans, Toronto (AHL)
G Jean-Philippe Levasseur, Springfield (AHL)
G Joey MacDonald, Toronto (AHL)
C Maxime Macenauer, Bakersfield (ECHL)
LW Logan MacMillan, Abbotsford (AHL)
LW Matt McCue, Bakersfield (ECHL)
D Brendan Mikkelson, Toronto (AHL)
D Mark Mitera, Abbotsford (AHL)
G Timo Pielmeier, Bakersfield (ECHL)
D Eric Regan, Bakersfield (ECHL)
D Brian Salcido, Manitoba (AHL)
C MacGregor Sharp, San Antonio (AHL)
LW Shawn Weller, Abbotsford (AHL)
**All others have yet to be assigned.**

D Stu Bickel, Portland (AHL)
LW Bobby Bolt, Portland (AHL)
D Brennan Evans, Toronto (AHL)
D John de Gray, Portland (AHL)
LW Ryan Donally, Portland (AHL)
D Brett Festerling, Anaheim (NHL)
G Jean-Philippe Levasseur, Portland (AHL)
G Joey MacDonald, Anaheim (NHL)
C Maxime Macenauer, Portland (AHL)
LW Logan MacMillan, Anaheim (NHL)
LW Matt McCue, Manitoba (AHL)
D Brendan Mikkelson, Anaheim (NHL)
D Mark Mitera, Anaheim (NHL)
G Timo Pielmeier, Portland (AHL)
D Eric Regan, Portland (AHL)
D Brian Salcido, Portland (AHL)
C MacGregor Sharp, Anaheim (NHL)
LW Shawn Weller, Portland (AHL)

**In order to fit both Anaheim and Buffalo prospects on Portland, you must put a few Pirates players on Buffalo. You can thank EA for having to do this.
D Joe DiPenta
C Nathan Gerbe
C Cody McCormick
D Mike Weber



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