Thursday, October 22, 2009

Below is a list of the players I am currently working on. Please be patient as I promise they will all be finished as soon as humanly possible! Trust me, I want my game accurate too!

This is a rough list. I'll be adding/subtracting from it as I go along.

* = Goaltender
^ = AHL Contract


Rob Bordson
Josh Brittain
Matt Clark
*Marco Cousineau
Nicolas Deschamps
Brandon McMillan
Kyle Palmieri

*Chris Carrozzi
Patrice Cormier
Eric O'Dell
Danick Paquette
*Edward Pasquale
Mike Siklenka

Matt Bartkowski
Jordan Caron
*Adam Courchaine
*Michael Hutchinson

Alex Biega
Nick Crawford
Jacob Lagace
Corey Tropp

Lance Bouma
Chris Breen
Greg Nemisz
Mitch Wahl

Michal Jordan
Riley Nash

Igor Makarov
Ben Smith
Ryan Stanton

Cameron Gaunce

Matt Calvert
Steven Delisle
Cody Goloubef
John Moore
Theo Ruth
David Savard

Sean Backman
*Tyler Beskorowany
Tristan King
Ondrej Roman
Tomas Vincour

Willie Coetzee
Brent Raedeke
Brendan Smith

Philippe Cornet
Teemu Hartikainen

*Marc Cheverie
AJ Jenks
Colby Robak
Eric Selleck
Scott Timmins

*Martin Jones
Ray Kaunisto
Brandon Kozun
Jacob Muzzin
Brayden Schenn
Colten Teubert

Joel Broda
Tyler Cuma
*Matthew Hackett
Jarod Palmer
Marco Scandella

Alexander Avtsin
Gabriel Dumont
Brendon Nash
Ian Schultz

Gabriel Bourque
Ryan Ellis
Michael Latta
Charles-Olivier Roussel

Jean-Sebastien Berube
Mark Fayne
Adam Henrique
Dan Kelly
Harry Young

*Kevin Poulin

Jyri Niemi

Jared Cowen
Corey Cowick
David Dziurzynski
Colin Greening
Mike Hoffman
Patrick Wiercioch

Luke Pither
Zac Rinaldo
Andrew Rowe
*Brian Stewart
Mike Testwuide
Eric Wellwood

Mathieu Brodeur
Maxim Goncharov
Michael Stone

*Patrick Killeen
Nicholas Petersen

*Jake Allen
Mark Cundari
Stefan Della Rovere
Philip McRae
Anthony Nigro
Nikita Nikitin
Tyler Shattock

*Thomas Heemskerk
Marek Viedensky
Tommy Wingels

Mark Barberio

*Ben Scrivens

Dan Gendur

Dmitry Kugryshev
Dustin Stevenson


*Bobby Goepfert
Mike McKenzie (signed with Charlotte)

Corey Syvret
Justin Taylor (Not the one currently in the game)

Michael Davies
Matt Krug

Trevor Glass
Blake Parlett
Dan Ringwald

*Jared DeMichel
*Todd Ford

Andy Bohmbach
Scott Fletcher
Kyle Hagel
Zack Torquato

Chris Francis (Signed with Springfield for 2010-2011)
Tyler Murovich (Signed with Springfield for 2010-2011)

Eric Lampe (Signed with Syracuse for 2010-2011)
Brian Lebler (Signed with Syracuse for 2010-2011)
John Mitchell (Not one currently in the game - signed with Syracuse for 2010-2011)


Rj said...

Hey Petr and Skrody keep up the great work.

Could you, if your not already I just dont see him on the list here, please set up Nazem Kadri for Toronto. That would be great.

Thank you

MichelBeauchamp said...

Hi Petrpuck's team,

I'll start with the best congrats I can't deliver to your work, it is jaw dropping quality which probably make some of the people at EA working on the game feel that they are missing the boat at least for the caps and the roster situation.

I have a question.

Would you guys already know by any chance, or have a different way to find than the way you ended up finding last year, if the caps creation are limited once again to 150 players and a 150 goalies or if they are different limitations or not any ?

I am creating caps for teams from the past such as the Canadian and Russian teams in the 72 Summit Series along with some great dynasty teams like the 70's Habs and the 80's Oilers as an example among many different teams brought back alive to play each other or the Centennial Montreal Canadian team in single games or tournaments.

My post last year remained answerless unfortunately unless I was unable to retrieve the answer from where ever it was sent to.

I am myself very into the teams being as realistic as possible.

I like every player to wear the proper number, the captaincies and lines combo to be as adequate as possible knowing perfectly well they change form game to game.

I can't wait for the introduction of a retired list, long term injury list within team rosters and possibly a way to keep UFAs as UFAs during a NHL10 season or dynasty.

I am a little shocked that they have not added in the Outdoor Classic at least from last year and the proprer tournament mode to allow us to have an Olympic tournament experience that would be close to reality.

Since EASPORTS gets this kind of results with their caps and rosters, I am surprised that they lock the players caps not allowing us to change their physical appearance for the better or to change the player's position (wing/center) for many players that play a different position than the one listed. A third wave of Penalty killing lines would be nice as well as a longer list of shootout players or the simple ability to choose them on the spot before handing them to the referee.

I am disappointed that an agreement could not be reached neither with the KHL nor the IIHF to be able to use the real national team jerseys in this Olympic year while the Games are being held in North America, in a hockey town.

They also don't provide us with much logos to make our own custom teams while they still fail to provide us a way to import our own logos. The list of names for teams is very reductive and allows very little room for creativity to serve the only purpose of having us hearing the name of the city mentionned in the beginning of the game and a few times during the game.

There are major hockey towns in the world which don't appear in the list of cities, particularly Russian cities and Eastern European cities.

I prefer to do my own national teams from scratch to control the adequacy of both rosters and uniform looks that are far more important than the logo in a game experience even though the right logo would be amazing.

I can't believe they cannot get the rights to use former logos or the coat of arms that many countries display on their jersey with very little modification in most cases.

And the list of big improvements with, sometimes, little effort required on their part goes on and on.

This is my 2 cents on the game and I realize that this should be adressed to EAsports through a comment within the feedback that they ask for or through a twitter page, perhaps a constructive petition for next year's game.

End of message following...

MichelBeauchamp said...

End of message...

Perhaps, you can advice me on the way to approach them if you have done it recently.

I am not an online player as you might have figured out already and I think there is a community out there that Petrpuck's team is serving well but that does not seem to get the proper attention from EASports.

I was curious. Would one of you or the team accept a job with the EAsports NHL10 team if it came on the table in any form being a part time job, a year-contract or anything else ?

I am just a hockey fan, the Habs actually, and an avid PS3 NHL10 gamer as I play no other game. I also write editorials, comments and analysis in French, my first language, on the TOP BLOGUE of Le Grand Club hosted by, the official partner of the Habs for their games telecasting.

I am therefore asking you the permission to write an article about your website which I would let you read before I publish it if anyone in your team would happen to have a solid grasp of French. is among the most visited sports website in the French sports community if not the number one site I was told.

I am eager to hear from you even if it came out as a simple thank you but not interested.

I am taking a last opportunity to salute your great work, I would like to know about the number of caps possibly being limited as well before I go on with my own huge load of work creating teams and players from the past.

Have a great day and mostly a great season with you NHL team, the Sens, the Habs or ?

Thank you again for reading this long message and perhaps answering it.

From Gatineau-Ottawa,
chdepuis1977 on Le Grand Club,

cody bown? said...

Hey RJ,

Nazem Kadri isn't AHL eligible and he is not guaranteed a roster spot in the NHL.

We want to have fully accurate rosters so if he doesn't make the Leafs he isn't high on the priority list, but do not worry, prospect CAPs will be coming shortly.

Jim said...

Lars Eller is in the game already, he's on the Danish national team. Figured I'd save you guys a CAP.

As always, thanks for all you guys do.

PetrPuck said...

Thanks for the heads up Jim but that's why he has a % next to him - it means its an edit I have to do rather than a CAP =)

siiiMz said...

Will you edit Erik Karlsson (Senators) and Mika Pyorala (Flyers) who are strong possibilities to make their respective team? They're in the game (Europe) but i would to see them edited for the NHL/AHL.

Thanks and continue your good job!

Jordan Greenberg said...

Hi Petr + Company, with the Islanders, could you also do a CAP for Calvin de Haan? He was their 2nd 1st round pick in this years draft.

Thanks, love the site!

PetrPuck said...


I will start making prospect CAPs (that is, the players in a team's organization that are not currently playing at the North American professional level) once I finish all of my NHL & AHL needed CAPs.

He's surely on my list though so no worries, it might just take a while!

- PP

Jim said...

Beat, I was hoping you guys were still going to make Kyle Beach even though he got sent back to his Jr Club.

Still great work guys. My roster looks better by the day.

PetrPuck said...


I will make Beach eventually as I'm sure he'll end up in Rockford at the end of the season. He'll be included in my Prospects List that I compile after the season opens and once I get all of these other guys completed!


ThatThrasherGuy said...

What about James Wright for Tampa Bay? He made the team:

And what do we do with the Cody Hodgson CAP now that he is in OHL? Use his CAP to make someone else with is what I thought to do.

Kenn said...

i was looking at the current to do list and i noticed that i didn't see the lightnings' james wright he was a high draft choice in 08 and it looks like hes gonna make the opening day roster

MichelBeauchamp said...

Hi Petr,

I have sent you a message that still remains answerless...

I wanted to tell you that if you reach the limit of CAP that the fictive players available on the 2 fictive teams, there are 36 of them plus 4 goalies, seem to be completely updateable to become more precious new CAPs.

Have a good one !

Prentice said...

Could you please make Dansereau and Svensen please for Bing., as Ottawa Senators farm is virtually depleted. Thank You.

Prentice said...

Interesting, but, how do you get them to NHL teams?

PetrPuck said...

Michel, the two "Juniors" teams are completely editable, but you can't move them off of that team. They are the players who are drafted in the Be A GM first Entry Draft. You should edit them based on skrody's 2010 Draft Prospects CAPs located on the bottom right of the page!

Prentice, they've both been on my list, but I'm going to get all of the NHL contracted guys done first (I only have 5 left now before I start on the AHL Contract guys such as Dansereau). And how do you get who on NHL teams? If you're referring to the guys under AHL teams on this list, they don't belong to ANY NHL team, you need to select "Free Agency" when putting them onto their respective AHL team.

Prentice said...

Petr, I was referring to the Michel fellow and his recognition of the fact that we can edit the North American Junior players, and the World Prospect players.
Those players could provide another 34 cap players.
I don't know how to get them to the NHL.
BTW, my rosters are 'perfect, as can be, manually, thanks to your efforts [PetrPuck], and your helpers.
I check through AHL boxscores, as well as AHL rosters regularly, to check on some new AHL free agent signings, as well as Captaincy, Assts., player numbers, etc.
I am a purist, and your efforts have been godsent. Thanks, again.

cody bown? said...


if you edited those 34 players from the prospect team then you would have to draft them in your upcoming offseason in be a gm.

Prentice said...

Thanks, Cody.
So, basically, there is no way that they could be applied to our current rosters--other than through a season, as GM.
It's ashame that EA didn't provide a 250-300 create a player limit.
Your caps,goalie edits, etc., are spectacular. Good comprenhensive feeling about the game and player accuracy.
I do have a question concerning goalie equipment edits.
Which goalie edits have been edited a seciond time, as it would be very time consuming to go through the entire goalie edit list.
Also, I will no lomger rely on EA roster updates, as that would be we would have to re-edit goalie equipment, yet, again, as well as get stuck with EA's inferior rookie caps.So, I have made a decision to go as far as I can --relative to our limited amount of player caps, and possibly skip AHL one way contract caps. It's a shame that EA does so much to create a great game, without payibg attention to detail.
Thanks, again, guys, for your most valuable efforts.

PetrPuck said...

Selecting "Free Agency" means the player can be signed out of the Free Agents list during a Be A GM mode. Otherwise, they remain on their respective AHL teams. I suggest downloading the EA updates, and editing them according to all of my guides. It does add work, but this way you'll be able to have many, many more CAPs in your game (once EA actually releases an update that has some AHL editing in it at least...) I'll be starting on the AHL Contract guys tonight too!! Hopefully, I'll be able to get all of the NHL guys done as soon as I get home from work at 3.


P.S. Cody is skrody, not PetrPuck ;-P

Prentice said...

Again, EA is so far off from accuracy, that it pays to have a limited amnount of additional caps which are accurate.25 AHL players per minor league team, as well as approx. 23-25 NHL players, per team, is sufficient for me. One way contracts player caps are O.K., but, I 'd rather have your 150 ACCURATE player caps, than have more, but, have to deal with EA's inferior caps.
I do not pay attention to the international leagues, other than for player additions, subtractions from NHL,AHL teams.
There is simply not enough time in the day to do all. I spend about three hours of night and evening [pisses off my girlfriend], to achieve as much as I can relative to AHL, NHL players, attributes, accurate line, D pairing accuracy.

Anonymous said...

When do you think you will get up the Zach Sill, Lane Caffaro CAPs

Prentice said...

I think they're done making caps. I have temporarily renamed by duplicate caps [since EA has provided approx. 20 new Petr Puck caps, with EA attributes], "A" as a surname, and intend to rename these created duplicates in accordance to the planned one way cotract proposed creates by Petr Puck. Also, does that mean that we can start over the approx. 150 permitted skater create a player additions ?

Ryan said...

Phillip Gogulla to the Portland Pirates:
He is in the game with Kolner DEL but is overrated with an 82. I know Portland is already overloaded but I have been just putting Anaheim players where they actually play with an AHL contract. Just hoping to help out I'll try to let you know if anything slips through the cracks with the Pirates.

PetrPuck said...

Gogulla does need an edit but this is the Create-A-Player to do list. In terms of Portland, they shouldn't be overflowing with guys. You should read the "Ducks Prospects" post about where I put all of the Ducks AHL players - everything works out perfectly roster limit wise if you do it that way.

Ryan said...

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for directing me that way.

Prentice said...

Petr, can you please post some AHL one way players at your earliest convenience. I have edited approx. 18 duplicates your created players and those created by EA -ref. to the latest update. I have placed the duplicates on free agency list, named "A" for the surname of those EA duplicates. I would like to redit as one way AHL players. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Do you think you will edit mike green and create ryan ellis?


with help from cody bown?