Monday, October 19, 2009

Below are links to the goaltender equipment edits pages for each league. Click on a link to be taken to all of that league's equipment edits.

O2 Extraliga
National League


gary said...

Are you going to updates these?

Anonymous said...

What does it mean when there is an asterisk next to something?

tdomshy said...

Could you do an update on Brent Johnson from Pens. He still has his Wash Crapitals colors. Lol. Thanks!

Kenn said...

Tylab..the asterisk next to the teams abbreviations means that the logo color is not black or white it is a diff color and there is a process you need to do to achieve this..its listed in the code guide? i can't really explain it step by step just look in there and you should be able to figure it out..its pretty cool

Anonymous said...

Can you do an equipment update for Alex Auld? I've seen a few of his starts and his pads don't appear to match in game.


with help from cody bown?