Monday, September 14, 2009

In NHL 10 this year, they have revamped the dynasty mode and renamed it 'BE A GM'. As a GM you're going to control every aspect of your roster whether its drafting, trades, free agent signings, or contract buy outs, and just like 'Be A Pro', GM's have tendencies too. If you're like me, you love playing dynasty modes and one thing I certainly loved to do was take a team at random and try to GM the way they would. The resources were never readily available to me, until now. We are pleased to present to you, a GM Tendencies file where you can take your favorite team, or one at random, and literally BE A GM. Are you unable to win a Cup and can't figure out why? Take a look at Glen Sather's GM Tendencies and help build a squad the way he would that won him five Stanley Cups as a GM.


Be A GM Profiles (pdf)
*There is a Legend at the very last page, should you not know what the abbreviations mean.


zudrak said...

I want to express my thanks to you guys for the hard work you do. I love how the CAP's (and GM profiles this year) make NHL 10 more fun to play. I appreciate it.


with help from cody bown?