Saturday, September 13, 2008

Click below to access the selected league's guide. For twice daily updated transactions, look at the bottom of each page under the latest date available!

*Note: Please read before using guide!
- AHL Contract = Select "Free Agency" under AHL team
- Double = EA put this player in the game twice
- RFA = Player signed with a European team, but his rights are still owned by the NHL franchise. You can either put this player on his team's AHL affiliate for later use in your seasons, or place them in Free Agents as they are no longer in your organization for the current year.

O2 Extraliga
National League


Marty said...

I did not see JVR for the Flyers, can you please add him, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

bthomp2009 said...

Hey there, excellent updates. Can you help me out a bit and do a Kadri, Bozak, and Allison update for the Leafs. Really want to sart me BeGM with the Leafs. Thank you so much.

tdomshy said...

Would love some Pens players like Tangradi added!!! Wicked site tho man, just finished updating my NHL 10 from it! Thanks again.

Hockey17 said...

How about Theo Fluery for the Flames? Any chance a CAP will be made for him?

Brandon said...

Awesome work!!!! Just one problem though, Im new to your roster updated...Your guide doesnt work, whats the best way to go about making these moves? Teams start to get too low or too full then you cant do it or you have to skip steps, Im just wondering on the guide to do this well thats all

PetrPuck said...

Brandon, check the FAQ.

PetrPuck said...

Hockey17, same scenario as I said for Jason Allison - if he makes the team I'll make him, but if he doesn't then theres no real point to either of them to be in the game.

Puneet said...

Does anybody know the max number of players you can create in NHL 10?

PetrPuck said...

I've made approximately 100 guys and they're still showing up. Last year's game allowed for 150 skaters and something like 25-30 goalies I believe so I'm guessing it'll be the same this year. If not I'll let you all know!

Puneet said...

Very useful guide!! NHL 10 would definitely not be the same without these magnificent and not to mention realistic additions!

Anonymous said...

is seidenburg on the game? i can't find him anywhere.


with help from cody bown?