Saturday, October 17, 2009

The First group of CAPs are complete! The ISS Top 30 was released on Friday, October 16th and features a list of 30 skaters and 0 goalies. Use this guide to your liking but may we suggest a couple things.

How/Where to do it?
You have to do this BEFORE you go into a Be a GM mode, sadly you cannot edit the prospects during your season.
Main Page -> My NHL 10 -> Creation Zone -> Edit Player
You can find the prospects team in the second last tab from the right.

ISS Top 30
You can sort by choosing the first round of players. This list does not include goalies. However, to be realistic you'll have to edit some players out of position. For example, of the top 30 there are only 7 listed d-men there for you, so you will have to fill out your rosters by having 1 less forward. To get all of these players to fit, you will also have to put 2 North American skates on the World Prospects team.

North American 1-18
This list is complete as there are 18 players from the ISS top 30 who qualify, sadly there are no goalies so goalies will be excluded from this list. This list will have the first 18 North American prospects listed, regardless of position. This list excludes 2 players from the ISS Top 30 who are North American born. You will not find Jason Zucker or Emerson Etem in this list.

World 1-18
This list is not complete. There are only 10 players who were listed in the ISS top 30, also there are no goalies for this list. But when the first 18 World players are ranked, you can find them here.

Goalies 1-8
Since goaltenders aren't in high demand for the first round, I will provide you with the top 4 on each side, when that information becomes available.

What I did?
What I did was create them all. I put Jason Zucker and Emerson Etem on the World Prospects list since there was room there. But when the next round of rankings come and hopefully we will have a full World Prospects list, I will remove the two if they do not go up in rankings. I highly suggest this route so you will be able to have all 30 of the ISS' players in your game!


TheKottonmouthed said...

Hey, Skrody do you have a guide to which players you editted to be each prospect as you cannot edit what they look like. I'm want to put these guys into the ps3 version I'm making up and was wondering which guys you made who to try and get them as close to what they look like as I can or did you just randomly edit them.


with help from cody bown?