Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Click "VERSION 1" to download the file. Instructions are below.

- Roster file was created using the EA Roster Download released 11-30-09
- Free Agents/NHL/AHL transactions as current as 12-3-09
- Euro Leagues updated as best as possible (when EA decided to update Elitserien and NLA rosters, they removed a lot of players that should have remained in the game)
- skrody's Juniors edits are included
- PetrPuck's goaltender equipment edits are included
- All 246 PetrPuck CAPs are included
- Jersey code is activated

Upcoming version will include (in addition to previous version):
- Updated salaries
- Captains/Assistant Captains
- Fully updated jersey numbers
- Updated Olympic (National) rosters as the each country releases its roster
- We may also be creating the World Jr. Championship teams and players as well


1. I would suggest saving all of your NHL 10 roster files on your memory card. You MUST delete them in order to upload the PetrPuck rosters.
2. Upload the PetrPuck file onto a Xbox 360 memory card via the Transfer Kit.
3. Before starting NHL 10, make sure you are logged in with the PetrPuck Mail gamer tag.
4. Start up NHL 10. When prompted, select the PetrPuck Mail profile.
5. Load the PetrPuck roster file.
6. Enter the Edit Player screen and choose something to edit (but DO NOT change anything).
7. At this point, press the XBox button, then X to sign out of the PetrPuck Mail name. Then log into your own gamer tag.
8. After you have logged into your gamer tag, exit out of the player you have selected, and accept the changes (even though you haven't changed anything.)
9. It is at this point you will be notified that nothing can be saved because you aren't the lead profile. So go into profile management and set your profile as the lead and active profile.
10. Save the PetrPuck roster file onto your hard drive.

**If you have downloaded rosters from a Transfer Kit for EA's NCAA Football franchise, you are practically using the same method for NHL10 that you would for NCAA Football.**

Heres a video link how to do the NCAA Football transfer: 'How To' Video

Here's what you'll need in order to transfer the roster file from your computer to your XBox 360:

1 Datel Transfer Kit
1 Memory Unit/Card
A PC and an XBox 360
And XPort360 software found here

Everyone thank Ogie for putting the file together for us!

Questions? E-mail us.


Anonymous said...

is this mac compatible?

thank you.

Kenn said...

What kind of timeline are we lookin at for the xbox rosters? I mean i know were all anxious for them but im not in a real rush since its still the start of the season but im anxious to hear what you guys have done and what you still have left to do before you put these out..

Justin said...

Now that the patch is out...any word rough estimate on these 360 rosters? I'm checking in like twice a day looking for these...thanks for all the hard work like always fellas. You take this game to another level and it's much appreciated!

df.lapatre said...


Yes, it'll be compatible.

@ Petr:

So how's the progress with the XBox updates?
Anything in sight soon?^^

Anonymous said...

Yes, it'll be compatible.


So how is the progress for the roster update?
Anything expectable soon?
give some info please :D

Jim said...

Any updates?

Lethal Shrew said...

How up to date are these files? Do they have your absolute latest CAPs on there?

PetrPuck said...

Version 1 will have everything I have done CAP & movement-wise up to the date of release - which I've been told by Ogie will be Monday, November 2. It may not have all of the goaltender equipment & lines edited fully, but he said Version 1.5 will have everything and will be released shortly thereafter. Would you guys prefer all of that in there and wait a few more days for Version 1, or would you prefer an earlier release with less of PetrPuck's stuff in it?

mkharsh33 said...

personally, i'd love to have the early release and then wait to get the added stuff in the next release. many of us have been looking forward to the 360 update, so this is exciting news!! thanks a bunch for doing this!!

Kenn said...

sounds good guys im off all day tomorrow so if u need my player equipment updates for the 5 teams i can finish that tomorrow

Chris said...

I'd definitely like the early release, have been really looking forward to it and really want to start a BAGM mode after such a long wait!

Jim said...

Well, its 11/1. Any word from Ogie as to when it's gonna be up?

mkharsh33 said...

I was hopeful we'd have this today, but it's not looking too good (East coast time puts it past Nov. 2nd). Very appreciative of the effort being put on this file...hope we'll see it soon! Thanks!

Lethal Shrew said...

Is it possible to get an update on when this will be released? Did you guys just decide to go with a later release that has everything? Just wondering.

I'm desperate to start playing BE A GM mode with accurate rosters...

Kenn said...

Noticed they added 3 or 4 more caps..So Be Patient guys. Imagine how much work has gone into this site, and take a second and think about how much time it would've taken you to accomplish this. It's not like there is a whole team of employees working on this either. Keep up the good work. Its obvious you guys have an unbelievable love for the game of hockey

Jordan Greenberg said...

Hey guys, any ETA on this release, or are we best just going with the one at Operation Sports from a few weeks ago?

Lethal Shrew said...

I think everybody is being more than patient, we would just like a bit of announcement as to when its coming...since it was obviously delayed.

Lethal Shrew said...

Don't mean to sound pushy...but, can we possibly get an ETA? We're left out in the dark here.

mkharsh33 said...

any word on the rosters? would appreciate an update or any related information. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Petr
so hows it goin with the rosters?

can you PLEASE tell us something - even something small^^ whats happening next?


Lethal Shrew said...

annnnnnd....I think we've all given up.

Lethal Shrew said...

So, we not getting these today or...

Kenn said...

Have yet to download these but will be in the next few hours..will let you know how that goes..Thank you very much for the finished product..I havent been playin the game much due to the nba season but now that these are out i will be sure to get back in the game..thanks a lot for the hard work

Lethal Shrew said...

What is this "PetrPuck Mail gamer tag."?

You can't register the same gamertag twice, so this is just really, really confusing.

Some help would be apperciated.

Chris said...

The instructions you have posted are way different from the video. What do you mean PetrPuck Mail profile? Got to be a little more detailed...

PetrPuck said...

You can follow the video or the directions we have. They both accomplish the same thing. Everyone needs to make a PetrPuck Mail gamertag in order to load up the roster file and save it on your hard drive. Everyone can have the same gamertag, they just can't be registered on XBox Live.

mkharsh33 said...

I am using the Xchange transfer kit and it worked great...

Sign out of your profile. Sign into the game using the PetrPuck Profile (the one for the NHL game and NOT the NCAA Football game). Once you sign in you make this the lead profile (under my NHL 10) and then load the rosters.

press the silver "x" button on your controller to sign out of Petr's profile on xbox live - then press the blue x button on your controller to sign into YOUR profile. again, make this the lead profile and do NOTHING else except back out and SAVE THE ROSTERS - they now become "your" property.

One more important thing: you must DELETE ALL ROSTER FILES attached to your profile...if you do not do this, each time you sign into your profile (after loading the rosters) the game will automatically load any rosters attached to your profile - so it's vital you get rid of them...sorry, but it's just the way it works.

sajuki said...

Nice work.

Thank you very much :)

Finnish SM-liiga
gets updated too in later versions, when the caps for those are done? Any ETA for that?

Anonymous said...

hey folks
keep the very good work up =)
finally the waitin is over and its a great roster^^

thx alot for makin the game a great one petr & crew

PetrPuck said...


I'm not sure when but it will be updated ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Can you update rosters by connecting the xbox hard drive to the computer?

Fennernen said...

Just wondering when we can expect version 2? I'd love to have salaries updated before I start my BAGM mode. I don't want to get pushy because I do really appreciate all the work you guys are doing for free! Just a ballpark, like are we looking at days, or weeks, or longer?

Thanks again for all the work, it does not go unappreciated.

Kenn said...

Loving the new rosters..haven't started a be a gm yet due to fact idk what to do about injured players ya know..you have young players gettin called up doin a great job but u dont want someone who is out a month not to play a whole season ya know..anyway lookin forward to version 2 im guessin u guys will release early after the new year when all the national teams are announced..keep up the good work guys

Fennernen said...

So now that the Olympic Rosters have all been announced, can we expect version 2 soon? Complete with accurate salaries and jersey numbers?

Again, thanks for all the hard work, just looking for an ETA on when I can start my dynasty.

Rangersfan30 said...

Is version 1 the one i need to download as the final update?

Thanks in advance

Fennernen said...

No, version 1 is (hopefully) not the final update. We are waiting for version 2, which the description says will have full olympic rosters, salary corrections, jersey numbers, and captaincies.

Could we please get a confirmation that someone is actually working on this... I understand that you guys do this for free, but if Version 2 isn't happening, I'd just like to know so I can start playing my Be A GM mode and stop waiting for the update. Thanks guys!

Brad said...

When can we expect a new 360 roster save file? I know EA has released their update#10 (trade deadline)this week (march 08).

PetrPuck said...

Ogie said he had a new one to upload but hasn't yet. I know he's been working alot the last week but I'm assuming it'll be uploaded by Friday.

Jordan Greenberg said...

Anyone know if there will be a final roster update?

BABaracus88 said...

would it be possible for someone to upload the petrpuck roster to this site exactly the way it is on the xbox 360 so that we could download it and put it on our xbox's using the usb stick? that would be really apreciated thank you


with help from cody bown?