Thursday, October 1, 2009

BELOW IS THE OFFICIAL VERSION 2.0 OF PETRPUCK'S ROSTERS by topten14!! Be sure to thank him for putting forth all the effort to get this 110% done!

(VERSION 2.2) (1/17/2010): This update has added the 2010 Olympic Rosters, as well as updating jersey numbers, etc.! Thanks to topten14 for doing this for us!!

1) Download roster file and extract the SYS-DATA file to your desktop.
2) Save a roster file on your PS3's NHL10 named PetrPuck.
3) Copy that roster save to a flash drive/firewire.
4) Put it in to your computer and open the PS3 folder until you get to a folder that has a SYS-DATA file in it and delete it.
5) Now copy and paste the SYS-DATA file from your desktop into the folder where the one you deleted was.
6) Put it back into your PS3 and copy the data on the flash drive over the save file on your PS3.
7) Start up NHL10 and load your PetrPuck roster file and Tada!
- (Thanks to TheKottenmouthed)


gary said...

Good job on this!!!

Goalie gear is not updated though.

derk2468 said...

Petr, this isn't a personal blow on your decisions, but I'm not sure about your recent partnership with MattG. I've used his updates before and personally didn't think they were very good at all. Wrong equipment changes, not updated enough, and some players just missing. But I know this will make the PS3 downloads easier for you, and in truth his are easier to download. But I'll only support this if you can give us your word that he will use your stuff and your stuff only. Yours is the closest to perfect and theres no reason everyone else should have less. But on another note you got to make sure he doesn't personally edit players attributes. Most times it isn't justifiable and I just don't think he has the right.I know I can just do it manually if I don't like this, but you know if both systems had this, everyhthing you do would be on download. Thanks,your loyal fan and supporter derk2468.

mattg123 said...

This is mattg123
everything will be updated

Trust me wait for ultimate update 6



mattg123 said...

I will be updating everythings to match petrpuck. We also collaborating a few things.

Trust me wait and see Ultimate Roster update 6



derk2468 said...

Oh is that so Matt? Then what's this Email I got Sunday crying that Petr stole your rosters? So are you guys "Partners" or not. I could care either way. Cause as far as NHL games go Petr's my man and nothing could nor ever will top his work.

mattg123 said...

Things have been resolved...wasnt his fault...moving on now...yes we are partners

Matt's Petrpuck edition coming soon

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, in the roster update goalie equipment, Lalime and Ellis will be unable to rock the Yellow logos due to an earlier issue with someone else who had started modifying goalie gear on earlier roster updates with MattG. Somehow the CHW default pads were saved over. Don't ask me how, it wasn't me! I just created the goalie gear for the new upcoming roster update.

mattg123 said...

Update 6 is released

with weekly updates afterwards

Follow my news for upcoming updates

BroandSisChillin said...

Thank god you guys made the switch this was much needed MattG compeltely butchers the CAPs you guys take so much time to make accurate.

Plus I don't get why he puts Hodgson and other prospects that are still in Junior, NCAA, or Overseas it just doens't make sense when the objective of these roster updates are to make the game as realistic as possible.

I just hope you guys can get this worked out ASAP and I cna start my franchise with realistic rosters and CAPs. Plus my 2 cents would be to get the Free Agents list worked out accordingly players who are in the KHL or Retired shouldn't be in that list.

Habs27 said...

is there a problem with the update ?? Everytime i lool at Saipa roster the game freeze.

Also Dean McAmmond disappear in the update

TheKottonmouthed said...

I just wanted to let people know the ps3 roster download is currently underway and I'm hping to have it finished by Halloween or in the first week of November. I'm gonna be putting in some heavy hours over the next few days to try and blow through the CAPS

Habs27 said...

far from me the idea of making pressure... i just wanna know if the new PS3 download is going to be ready this week ??

TheKottonmouthed said...

I have the CAPS done and in my game the thing I haven't gtten a grasp on is the Euro Leagues Roster movement. Plus I have the NHL/AHL setup for Dynasty mode and not for realistic rosters as we all know Portland is where the Ducks Prospects have to be moved to Portland for them to be recongnized as Ducks and not Free agents. I could post up what I got so far and then people give comments/suggestionson what should be changed updated or fixed.

stinger25 said...

when is the new ps3 roster update coming out?

SensNC said...


Can you provide a detailed list of instructions for downloading and then using the PS3 rosters.
Thanks for all the hard work.


TheKottonmouthed said...

The CAPS for the players added in the EA update have not be re-adjusted to your ratings.

guys like Kane, Wright, Gilroy, Chelios, Blum, Pope, Shirokov and so on.


with help from cody bown?