Thursday, September 17, 2009

The "Roster Movements Guide" is officially 100% completed! All seven (7) leagues plus the Free Agents list are totally reconfigured in the guide. Yes some teams in the European leagues fall below the minimum 18-man roster so you may have to leave certain guys on their teams until I get around to making European CAPs after I do all of my NHL/AHL CAPs which I will be posting starting tonight!! So check out the "Roster Movements Guide" and I hope you guys enjoy and appreciate it! I apologize that it took so long to complete it all but there are 944 players on the wrong teams, not to mention 50 or so players that EA randomly left out of the European leagues (sigh... EA...)!!


zudrak said...

No apologies necessary! Are you kidding me? I am surprised you are at it again with the demands thrown your way last year.

Many thanks for your hard work.


Chuck said...

Ottawa Assigned defensemen Paul Baier, Mat Robinson, Craig Schira, Kyle Wharton, and forwards Jason Bailey, Keegan Dansereau, Kaspars Daugavins, Matt Lowry and Brandon Svendsen to Binghamton (AHL).

You missed Baier to BING

Anonymous said...

Are the guys that have been moved from the free agents list to AHL teams property of the respective NHL team?

The Nemesis said...

Solid, solid, solid work guys. and I know how hard it is to do this sort of thing (I wrote roster guides on Gamefaqs as theNemesis15 for a few years)

A couple of small tweaks I noticed are needed:

1) On the FA list there's a "Patrick Hornquist". This is a duplicate of Nashville's Patric Hornqvist. The FA list on should be retired.

2) You list Tampa's Karri Ramo as a free agent. While he did sign with teh KHL, Tampa tendered a qualifying offer so that they retain his rights. He's technically still Tampa property.

And finally a question: What does the * mean after some players' names?


with help from cody bown?