Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today I received an e-mail from a fan who requested to be anonymous, but here is what he said.

"Hey Petr, I reeallyy love the work that you have been doing on the CAPS. i bought my game and didn't even play once until your roster guide was done and I don't think that I will play again until opening day when the rosters will be complete. I just wanted to say I really appreciate the work you do for us. There are some other CAPS being made out there but they are NOT WORTH THE TIME. I've told all my friends about this site and I can't wait to see my rosters complete"

Thank you!

I just want to let all of you know the work that goes into the CAPs made here. No player/goalie takes less than an hour to make. We read multiple scouting reports, view many videos and scour statistics to make sure that the attributes for each player are as dead on as can be. From an equipment perspective we also look at multiple image sources so that we can get the game that more accurate. Making a CAP isn't easy work (this is why EA doesn't do a good job on rosters) and we really appreciate the positive feedback that you guys are emailing us, we know a lot of you visit the website because of how many website hits we're getting, which by the way is overwhelming but great to see the support. We put many hours into this website and the CAPs that are made, and this really is like a job for us even though we don't get paid (we don't even suggest donation like some other sites...who by the way credit us as a source) That said, this isn't a job that we hate going to - this is a job we love doing, and as most of you know you do a better job at work when you like what you do, which is one more reason to 'trust' our CAPs over other websites.

And remember "If it's in the game, it's because we put it there"



Burbruee said...

Seriously, we can't thank you guys enough for making these CAPs on your spare time for free for all of us to use. They are amazing and very much alike the real life players. You can tell that a lot of work has been put into the making of them. Can't wait until you start working on the Elitserien CAPs, season starts today. :D

Sorry if a similar post was submitted just now. It said it failed to post the last message..

derk2468 said...

Petr I love the site, it's what makes the NHL experience authentic. The way it should be. I loved the site last year, but in all respect it seems you're really more dedicated this year and that's good to see. Everything is looking fantastic now but there are a few suggestions for new features to the sites.
-Player Types-
It bugs me, EA's stupid player types, just looking through and most just don't seem right. I'd trust you of all people to make them right.
-Anaheim Ducks Prospects Placement-
You probably already had this planned but it definetely helps to know where players go when a team can't keep afloat it's stupid minor league team.
-Depth Charts/Line Combinations-
It'd be cool if this was updated daily like the movement guide. It's easy to find them online. But some aren't always accurate and injuries have to be taken into account. Keep up the good work and do take some time to play. With your site, "It's in the game" lol.

PetrPuck said...

derk in response to your post:

I posted on the left column a Ducks Prospects link. In it I listed where the players are in real life, and where I placed them in my game. Choose either one for your rosters!

Once the season starts we have plans on putting up a new link to yet another file I'm completing with each teams "probable" top 4 lines, top 3 defensive pairings, and top 2 goalies. As you surely know, I can't claim 100% accuracy on lines as they change way too often, including in-game! But as always I'll try my best to be as accurate as possible!

Player Types:
skrody and I talked on adding this last night and I believe it'll be added into the NHL & AHL individual roster guides on the left side toolbar. We'll be doing those come the opening of the season so I can get the rosters 100% finalized with the last cuts!



with help from cody bown?