Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here's a list of what I think EA should fix in NHL 11. Feel free to leave your own comments about it.

Free Agents List - Make it sortable, at least by position. Or perhaps (if you have a chatpad) be able to press a letter and jump to it (i.e. type Q and land on Deron Quint). Or even make it searchable, where pressing a button on the chatpad brings up a searchbox in which you can type a player's last name and have it find him. Right now, my Free Agents List takes nearly 3 full minutes to go from top to bottom.

Goaltender Equipment - Logo colors should be editable as if they were any other part of the equipment. And please make the equipment sections the right way! This is the second straight NHL installment where the RX9 color palette doesn't change the proper section of the equipment - and fix the white stick glitch, where it becomes gray. Goalie helmets are ridiculous this year - go back to having the options of Bauer, Cage, etc. instead of one big mess of useless helmets. And please give us templates such as a webbed design, an eagle logo, a "Cujo" mask, etc. with the options to change the colors in them. And give us more than two masks per team, or at least make the masks relatively usable. Why don't the Euro Leagues have mask options?

Create-A-Player - Why in the world is equipment before a player's name and vital information? Fix that... Also, they need to not limit the number of letters in a name to 11 characters, instead make it 20 so guys like Pierro-Zabotel & Lalonde-McNicoll can have their actual names in the game! And allow for a first & last name play-by-play option - when a goal is announced its not "Rangers goal scored by Chris" its "Rangers goal scored by Chris Drury" so why can't we allow our player to have first and last names called during a goal? And why isn't everyone's first & last name in the Name Database? They call it out during the game, so why can't I assign Drummond to my player, if there is Rob Drummond in the game?! It is so annoying! Along with John H, I too agree that they need some serious revamping of the on-screen keyboard options, as _!@#$%^&*()>
Downloadable Updates - I don't see why you couldn't provide us with downloadable game add-ons for new equipment (Bauer One100, Vaughn Epic, GDI Evo, Brian's Zero G, Brian's Razor). I know you'd need a license from the company to use their equipment in-game - but you already have one with them, so you could try ammending it.

skrody's thoughts
Jersey Selection - Don't get me wrong, I love the options that we have but there has to be more. Especially if you're not going to allow custom jerseys in EASHL, adding some of the following could really expand the jersey database. Old Mighty Ducks jerseys, Bruins yellow 'bear logo' 3rd, the black and red Sabres jerseys,, 93-98 Dallas home and away, Islanders fisherman logo jerseys, Penguins letter mark and streaky jerseys, Gretzky era Blues Jersey, these classic Sharks jerseys, these other ugly Canucks jerseys and finally these classic Caps jerseys. I mean if 2k can get the Whalers jersey then these should be reachable too. It's not just about EASHL either, I love playing hockey with old jerseys. When I use the 94' Canucks jerseys I try to re-do classic moves and goals and so on and so forth. Its good fun.

Create-A-Team/Expansion Mode - Let us have every current NHL Jersey as a template. Or make a hugely in depth Create-A-Jersey that we can use for our teams. Instead of replacing an NHL team, let us make our own and take it into the season and see how we can do. Let there be an expansion mode. Would be an EXCELLENT addition for BE-A-GM.

RFA'S/More CBA rules - I hate that in my first offseason, I was able to sign coverboy Patrick Kane as a free agent. There should be RFA's which can be poached aswell! I think that too would be an excellent addition to BE-A-Gm.

All-Star Format/Skills competition - I think EA has done something incredible by making the trade deadline and the draft EVENTS opposed to just days on the calendar. I'd love to see the All-Star weekend be next event. First off, there should be All-Star voting, hands down. They could EASILY do every event that takes place minus the shootout/deke competition. It'd be hard to pull off without getting gimmicky (see NBA Live series). I'd also like to see different All-Star formats. East vs West, North America vs World, Stanley Cup Champs vs All-Stars? hey just a thought ;)


Kenn said...

I think your fix list is very simple, yet it would make a dramatic difference on the product. I hate the way free agents is set up, i don't see why we cant sort them by position or rating, or even how cap is set up where u can scroll up or down very easily. Downloadable updates would be a great addition, by adding that they would throw out the flame skates and all that garbage they thought people would enjoy lol idk who the hell came up with that..

John H said...

Regarding CAP names - I find it frustrating that there is an option for an underscore, but no option to use periods or apostrophes (as in Ryan O'Reilly or P.K. Subban). Underscore? Never seen an NHL player with a name like 'Bleeping Robot_Six'.

A workaround to lock CAP info other than last name, and randomize until a name like O'Sullivan or O'Brien (or O'Reilly) comes up, then edit carefully...

PetrPuck said...

John, I got cut off earlier from my original post as the period ended (I'm teaching). That is VERY annoying, I agree. It is the sole reason I went out and bought a chatpad, which allows you to use any characters you want in naming players. I'll finish this comment in the post itself.

Anonymous said...

I really wish that they would allow us to edit a players position. For example Anaheim has no LW on the Roster and has 9 RW's and 6 Centers.

Or for example Cammalleri hasnt played Center for 3 years. So why not let us edit that.


with help from cody bown?