Sunday, October 25, 2009

As voted by you, this weeks VOTW winner is once again, our own skrody.

The set up: "I was just testing out some of the 2010 Draft Prospects and tried to get a little creative. The best part about this video is that he is on one foot when he starts the spin-o-rama. Normally my hands aren't fast enough to pull off a move like this but I pulled it off AND scored with Taylor Hall."

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NEXT VIDEO: SUBMISSIONS will be taken until thursday OCTOBER 29th, and voting will begin. Winner will be announced on sunday NOVEMBER 1st.


bodamislegend said...

The spin-o-rama gets my vote but the Del Zotto one really coulda had it. The middle two weren't amazing but were still really cool.

I really wish I would've saved that Byfuglien bat in though, man that was the coolest play I've ever seen on NHL 10.


with help from cody bown?