Friday, October 2, 2009


Today EA released its season opening roster update. The following players were added, listed with their overall in parentheses:

Evander Kane (77)
Tyler Myers (74)
Matt Duchene (75)
Ryan O'Reilly (73)
Dmitry Kulikov (74)
John Tavares (79)
Michael Del Zotto (74)
Matt Gilroy (73)
Erik Karlsson (75) - Doubled from Frolunda
Benn Ferriero (74)
Jonas Gustavsson - Doubled from Team Sweden
Victor Hedman (75) - Doubled from MODO
James Wright (71)
Viktor Stalberg (77)
Sergei Shirokov (75)

Now those overalls are quite pathetic. I truly wish that EA would do some research before adding players. And please STOP DOUBLING PEOPLE!!! Do you know how annoying it is to play a game in a dynasty with say Tampa Bay and face Washington, who somehow has Victor Hedman on their team too? You guys are truly pathetic when it comes to roster updates. You have what 8 people to work on 7 leagues and I'm here making 120 guys in 3 weeks by myself and you all managed to make 12 (and double 3)?! Jeez EA... oh and not to mention YOU DIDNT FIX THE AHL OR ADD ANY OF THE 100+ GUYS THAT I'VE MADE FOR THEM! Please EA do yourselves a favor and email us! We'd love to work for you!


Jim said...

100% behind you guys. As I posted on the 360 rosters thread, I have a petition on EA's boards so go there too. Let's make EA notice that there is a better option than the crap they're putting out.

Also, watch the chump Andy Agostini that is in charge of the rosters.
Dude is brutal, granted at least he clarified why all the AHL players weren't in the game yet, but still doesn't change the fact that EA's rosters suck.

Jeff said...

No offense because I love the site but no one can say for sure any of the rookie ratings are wrong or right at this point until they play a few months at the very least. I like your ratings, but don;'t see a huge issue with the EA ratings either so far. I am anxiously waiting for some of the Kings players playing in Manchester from your site since EA's AHL updates are a long time in coming I think.

Anonymous said...

Why am i not getting the update. all i see is the first update september 14th. is it a probleme with my xbox or something

Anonymous said...

Guys, you can complain until you are blue in the face about how many new players they put in the game, but it's not as simple as just creating them and putting them in there. The rules are the rules and they have to stick by them. They can't put players in the game until they've either played in the NHL or signed the PHPA waiver form. Andy Agostini lays it all out on his blog. You guys don't have the same rules to live by that they do and even if they did hire you to do roster updates, you wouldn't be able to put these players in the game just like they can't.

misch13vousmike said...

Tavares at 79? a little underrated if you ask me or anyone else.... and only 12 BAP? i hope you guys get the required signatures... good luck

bodamislegend said...

I love what you guys do.

I've been spreading the word about this site and these rosters. Hopefully you guys can get a job or something out of this, your rosters are amazing!

- Michael Bodam

PetrPuck said...


I am well aware of the rules pertaining to who and when they can add players to a game. I'm also well aware that if I worked for them, I'd have to abide by them. The AHL season has started, players are all under contract. These players can be added to the game as per the EA Sports/NHLPA/PHPA licensing agreement once they've played a minimum of 1 professional game. Geoff Kinrade, John Negrin, David Sloane, Jamie Fritsch, Drew Bannister, and close to 60+ Euro league players were left out, even though they all played professional games last season. The major point isn't that EA didn't add many guys, its that they don't do roster edits properly either. They put random guys on AHL teams to fill voids created by them not adding players. They double players from the European leagues rather than moving them from their European team to their NHL/AHL destination. They don't touch a single European League throughout the course of the season roster wise. Yes the majority of people who play the game are North American, but if they can specialize covers for Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Russia, etc... I think they should take some time to edit rosters for those country's highest leagues. (it doesn't take long at all, it took me a whopping 2 days to edit ALL 7 leagues PLUS Free Agents - total of 994 roster moves). EA puts out a game and then doesn't care about updating it, its as simple as that.

savulohi said...

Wake up guys!!! It's not such a great idea to bash and call the employer pathetic on a job application?! I hope you didn't blow your chances just on this rather stupid post because I'm sure they've been here. :(

Anonymous said...


I understand all that and I know you guys are doing a better job with editing the overall roster base as well. Didn't want to come across suggesting otherwise. There's a reason I come to your site. Jersey numbers, player types, fixing ratings, line combos, etc. I'm not saying you guys don't do a better job because clearly you do. Do I think EA should contract-out their rosters? Damn rights they should. Just that they have different rules to play by, that's all.

The rule on the AHL players isn't pertaining to one game played like it is for NHL guys, though. The difference for them is that they actually have to sign a waiver form so the PHPA has the rights to use their name and image in promotional material. Just because a guy plays a game in the AHL doesn't even mean he's getting paid as some of them go there on Amateur Try-Out's which means they don't have a contract and you can't even ask them to sign the waiver in that instance. As far as why some of those other guys aren't in there though, it's just sloppiness on EA's part. I think they are more committed to fixing game play issues than anything else.

rworth said...

Good luck, I manually did all my own roster changes off your site, I love doing it! Thanks again...I have done alot of scouting in the past before creating players...but you guys are VERY good as far as accuracy goes...Keep it up!!!

gary said...

The reason why they they dont touch the European teams is that once they are given the rosters by those repective federations. They arent allowed to change them. Same issue came up with NBA Live 09 last year. They were going to add Ricky Rubio to team Spain. FIBA put the kabosh on that. As for AHL teams. They guy said they were going to add 180 guys to the respective teams once those waivers were signed.


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