Monday, July 20, 2009

Play-By-Play: Sergei
Position: Left Wing
Handedness: Right
Birthday: March 10, 1986
Birthplace: Ozery, RUS
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 176
Player Type: Sniper
Jersey Number: 25
Fighter: Never
Year Drafted: 2006
Salary: $1.350M
Contract: 2 Way

Head: 10
Skin Tone: 10
Hairstyle: Short
Hair Color: Brown
Facial Hair: Stubble
Facial Hair Color: Brown
Eyebrow: Regular 1
Eyebrow Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Black Eye: None
Scars: None
Freckles: Off

Stick: Bauer Vapor X60 90 Naslund
Skates: Bauer Vapor X60 11"
Gloves: RBK 10K
Helmet: Bauer 4500

Visor: Straight
Visor Tint: Clear
Shoulder Pads: Big
Pant Length: Long
Jersey Tuck: None
Sock Tuck: Front
Stick Tape: White

Offensive Growth: A-
Defensive Growth: B-
Athletic Growth: B
Speed: 83
Checking: 58
Endurance: 78
Puck Control: 82
Passing: 82
Slapshot Power: 74
Slapshot Accuracy: 77
Wristshot Power: 76
Wristshot Accuracy: 83
Agility: 85
Toughness: 67
Acceleration: 82
Balance: 75
Faceoffs: 58
Durability: 76
Discipline: 80
Deking: 88
Aggressiveness: 67
Poise: 70
Deflections: 82
Shot Blocking: 57
Offensive Awareness: 81
Defensive Awareness: 71
Overall: 75


Perchew said...

I think his checking should be atleast mid 70's. He had some suprisingly big hits in the pre-season.

PetrPuck said...

I edit all of my CAPs where needed once there's a little more than 5 games to go by. We'll see if he continues his physical play during the season or if that was just a jolt of preseason "put me on the team coach" energy.

braunz said...

Can you find a cap of Alex Bolduc? Thanks

PetrPuck said...

Bolduc is in the game. Has been for a couple years.


with help from cody bown?