Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Replaces: Jaroslav Valabik
Play-By-Play: Kitsyn
Position: Center
Handedness: Right
Birthday: December 24, 1991
Birthplace: *Novokuznetsk, RUS
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 192
Player Type: Grinder
Jersey Number: 91
Fighter: Never
Year Drafted: N/A
Salary: $0.900M
Contract: 2 Way

Stick: Easton Stealth S17 90 Iginla
Skates: Bauer Vapor X60 13"
Gloves: RBK 9K
Helmet: CCM V10

Visor: Curved
Visor Tint: Clear
Shoulder Pads: Big
Pant Length: Short
Jersey Tuck: None
Sock Tuck: Back
Stick Tape: White

Offensive Growth: C-
Defensive Growth: B-
Athletic Growth: C
Speed: 83
Checking: 77
Endurance: 78
Puck Control: 81
Passing: 78
Slapshot Power: 74
Slapshot Accuracy: 66
Wristshot Power: 74
Wristshot Accuracy: 68
Agility: 80
Toughness: 73
Acceleration: 82
Balance: 78
Faceoffs: 71
Durability: 83
Discipline: 69
Deking: 72
Aggressiveness: 75
Poise: 69
Deflections: 71
Shot Blocking: 74
Offensive Awareness: 73
Defensive Awareness: 75
Overall: 72

* I couldn't find out his birthplace, so instead i used the city where his team is based. If you know where he is from, with some sort of proof, I would greatly appreciate it.


Ryan said...

Birthplace: Novokuznetsk, Russia


with help from cody bown?